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Please note that any opinions expressed by authors and or contributors are not necessarily those of the Donor Conception Support Group of Australia Inc.


Welcome to the

Donor Conception Support Group

The Donor Conception Support Group of Australia Inc. is a self funding organisation run by volunteers and has been in existance since 1993.

Our membership is made up of people considering or using donor sperm, egg or embryo, those who already have children conceived on donor programmes, adult donor conceived people and donors. We also have social workers , doctors and clinic staff as members of the support group.


We feel that Donor Gamete families need an ongoing support system. Conceiving a child using donated gametes is only the first step. Parents, donor conceived people, donors and their family need help with accessing information and dealing with issues throughout their lives.







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NSW Inquiries into Donor Conception

Over the past few years the NSW Law & Safety Committee have been looking at information release in Donor Conception. They have completed 2 inquiries with recommendations that while not as complete as we would like have suggested some very worthwhile changes. Finally the NSW Government have responded (click here for their response). The most important item that the government says they will go ahead with is that they will place an addendum on to birth certificates so that when a donor conceived person applies for a copy of their birth certificate they will be told that further information is available to them; this will include the fact that they are donor conceived. The birth certificates of donor conceived people will look no different than anyone else's. The Government is also looking at extended the roll of the NSW Registers and suggestions that they will look at how to collect and safeguard donor conception information still stored at clinics. The NSW Government is also looking at an advertising campaign to go along with all these changes. If you would like to read the completed Inquiries including submission Click Here


What Registers are available in Australia?


Time to tell seminar
Talking to children about how we became a family with the help of a donor or surrogate; it's all about openness, honesty, how, when and why tell.
This seminar provides tips on how, when and what to communicate so that parents are empowered and children feel enriched by the unique way in which they came into this world.  Speakers including counsellors, parents from different family constellations, donors and donor-conceived young people, provide insight and advice on all aspects of talking to children about becoming a family with the help of using donated eggs, sperm embryos or a surrogate to create a family.

Potential parents, parents, friends, family, donors and professionals are all welcome.
The Time to tell seminar will be held on Saturday 31 May, from 8.30am to 3.30pm, at Northcote High School, St Georges Rd, Northcote.
Tickets cost $50 per person and include refreshments and a light lunch. Please note that for insurance reasons, children are not permitted (with the exception of babies).

Click Here for more Information and how to book (bookings essential)





2014 Time to tell Seminar - Talking to children about how we became a family with the help of a donor or surrogate

For more info click here




A New Book about Donor Conception

My name is Caroline Lorbach (you will see information about a book I wrote some time ago over to the right); I am starting work on a book about donor conceived people,
their experiences and in particular and their relationships with family & friends.

If you are donor conceived, over the age of 18and would like to contribute your story to the book please email me at cplorbach01@optusnet.com.au  so that I can email you a set of questions.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the book.





Experiences of Donor Conception




It is a thoughtful drawing together of the experiences of those who have used assisted conception services and undergone treatment with donated gametes. It provides a practical approach to the process of choosing donor conception, but also explores the emotional and ethical issues involved. I started off by suggesting this book as a valuable resource for clients undergoing donor conception – I finish by suggesting the book should have a place on each treatment centre’s bookshelf with encouragement for every staff member to read it. Liz Scott, counsellor in the Assisted Conception Unit, Lister Hospital, London.           
 The book is impressive, both in the moving stories from all lay participants in the donor conception scene – recipient parents, donors and donor offspring; and in the comprehensiveness of its coverage. There is seemingly no scenario omitted. Sperm, egg and embryo donation all feature.Grant Pepper - Pathways newsletter of Fertility New Zealand

To purchase this book click here